Pablo Stanley’s favorite design moment of 2019

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Pablo Stanley
  •  Dec 2, 2019
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Throughout December, we’ll be sharing some of InVision designers’ favorite design moments from 2019. This week we’re hosting Pablo Stanley, Design Lead.

Playdate is a yellow handheld game system that fits in your pocket. It has a black-and-white screen, Wi-Fi, USB-C, Bluetooth, a headphone jack, a full season of games, and a crank. Yes, a crank. I don’t understand how you would use it, but that opens a lot of possibilities for game developers, and I just want it.

It was designed by Panic, the team that brought us the Untitled Goose GameFirewatch, and the code editor Nova. The team at Teenage Engineering helped with the crank. They’re the perfect match to make you spend all your money on toys for adults (not to be confused with adult toys=).

It doesn’t come until 2020, but it was announced this year. Does this still count as one of the best things of 2019? Yes, it does.

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