Podcast: driving a product

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Clair Byrd
  •  Jan 5, 2015
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Our fearless leader, Clark Valberg, sat down with our friends at Funsize for a podcast on products.

Here are a few of his key insights from the episode:

On fielding feature requests from the community

Listen to everyone, make decisions alone.Twitter Logo

At InVision, we categorize feature requests as follows, then funnel them to the appropriate team for prioritizing or scrapping.

  • Bugs or loss of service
  • Direct to engineering and quick turn team

  • Refinement or “I wish InVision did”
  • Product and design team for discussion

On keeping designers fresh

Designers own more than just features.Twitter Logo They own ideas all the way from conception to launch, which includes all cross-functional aspects (dev hours, launch planning).

On dealing with the competition

Watch your competition’s decision makingTwitter Logo, and try to learn from how they are solving their own unique market problems, then apply that learning where it is appropriate. Feel confident in your ability to pick and choose from the learnings available in your competitive market and competing companies.

Bringing an MVP to market is not easy and that spurs plenty of conversation. But, what’s the next step after the market is proven? How do you make decisions once you have something valuable that users want and find useful?

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