Meet the winners of our portfolio contest!

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Mike Waecker
  •  Jan 28, 2019
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When putting together a roundup of great illustration portfolios from Dribbble, we had an idea: why don’t we highlight what our readers are working on? We put out a call for submissions, you sent over your work and, after much deliberation and discussion, we settled on three to share.

What stood out to us about these portfolios, among the amazing ones we received, was that didn’t just have amazing design work—they told us a little something about the designer, and wowed us with how they presented their portfolios.

Take a look and get inspired!

Julia Smelansky


Julia’s beautiful use of color, and just as important, fun, is what immediately sucked us in. Her rebrand of coffee chain Aroma is as refreshing as, well, a cup of strong coffee.

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Debobrata Debnath


Debobrata’s command of motion UI design draws in the attention to the work itself, inviting you to explore his work. His “Know me in short” section on his About page gives you a quick version of who he is and what he’s capable of.

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Niranjan Morkar


The first thing that you see when landing on Niranjan’s portfolio is a carousel of what he designs, and the list is extensive. As you scroll the page, it becomes clear what he’s showing you, and diving in presents you not only with the end result but also how he got there. By showing off his process, you know how you’ll be working with each other on future projects.

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