Free product design e-course from Tinder’s Scott Hurff

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Clair Byrd
  •  Aug 26, 2015
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We’re in the middle of a design revolution. Companies of all sizes have realized the power of design, and we’re seeing significant disruption in virtually every business sector.

Product designers are commanding more and more control over the shape of a product, with good reason. Great experiences are hard to create—and even more so to repeat.

In a crowded space, a delightfully designed experience is how brands stand outTwitter Logo. With that in mind, we’re proud to introduce the first title in our new design course series: Making a Product Designer by Scott Hurff, a Product Manager and Lead Designer at Tinder.

About the author

With 15 years of product experience, from SaaS to consumer mobile apps, Scott’s filled this course with advice that’s time-tested at some high-growth, disruptive products.

About the course

“A free e-course by Tinder’s Scott Hurff that’ll make you a stronger product designer.”

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Making a Product Designer is a 10-part course, arriving weekly via email. It’s filled with technical product design skills and thought patterns structured to make you a stronger product designer. Here’s just a few topics you can expect in your inbox:

Deciding what to build, which somehow is way trickier than it sounds.

The new design process and the realities of modern product design.

Designing contextual states so your product puts its best foot forward, no matter what the user is doing.

Each section is filled with takeaways and action items for you to try out on your next project. It’s also really well sourced, with tons of context links, which means your reading and learning can continue long after the course ends.

The course is totally free, delivered weekly straight to your inbox. Head on over to the Making a Product Designer course details page to sign up.