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V6 product updates: June 2020

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Fran Larkin
  •  Jun 1, 2020
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This month, we’re excited to share what’s new for developers, plus how designers and developers can better power their design-to-code workflow.

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Meet the new Freehand

Try one of our ready-made templates, drop in comments with fun Sticky Notes, express your ideas with arrows, and more.

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Early access to the new InVision DSM

Redesigned for collaboration, the latest Design System Manager connects design and code so teams work faster, smarter, and more in sync.

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Inspect upgrades for developers

InVision Inspect now surfaces Sketch library names and lets devs build their own libraries of custom variables.

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See what else is new

  • Drag-and-drop: Now with multi-select prototype screens, drag-and-drop is disabled for screens you did not select.
  • Prototyping: When viewing a prototype, you can now download screens without leaving the InVision console.
  • Android: Now you can select one of five popular device frames for Android prototypes.

The InVision Product Roadmap

Join InVision’s VP of Product Marketing, Francis Larkin, and Senior Product Marketing Manager, Julia Farina, on Wednesday, July 15 at 10AM EDT for a detailed discussion about the future of our product. You’ll have the chance to learn about the vision that leads us forward, explore our new product features and updates, and get a preview of what’s on InVision’s horizon.

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