V6 product updates: Q2 2021

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Lizzie de Cantor
  •  Jul 26, 2021
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This month, we’re excited to share better sharing features in Freehand and design tokens in Sketch!

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Design Tokens Import from Sketch in DSM

Import your Sketch styles as Design Tokens in DSM for a quick way to build a shared language with Development. Better support multiple brands, products, or themes and gives developers the ability to automate!

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Password protect your freehands

When you share a Freehand with stakeholders outside of your organization, you’ll now have the option to add password protection, keeping your work secure.

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InVision Freehand Product Roadmap

Join Kacy Boone and Colin Murphy from the InVision Freehand team for a short 30 minute session where they’ll share the product vision, recent launches, and a preview of what’s to come.

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See what else is new

  • Connect Freehand to your Asana project briefs: You can now embed any Freehand link within a project brief to view, draw, and write without leaving Asana.
  • Share prototypes to your mobile device: Our new QR code sharing feature makes previewing prototypes on your mobile device a breeze.
  • Flexible documentation in DSM Foundations: DSMs Foundations page is now free form, giving you the ability to document primitives in the way that best suits your team!

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