Now Allowing Anonymous Viewers

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Andy Orsow
  •  Feb 9, 2013
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Anonymous share browsing is here!

If you don’t want to burden your Share audience with having to provide their name and email, simply enable this new setting before sending them the Share link.

User testing mode is back.

If you’re testing your UI – having the hotspots flashing can detract from your purpose. Simply enable this setting on your Share and hotspot flashing and slide-show mode will be disabled.

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  • Allow Shares to be browsed anonymously.
  • Added ability to unsubscribe from comments for stakeholders.
  • Added “slide-show” mode to the Share experience
  • Added ability for project owner’s to delete any comment.
  • Added “user-testing” mode.
  • Allow toolbar to be hidden in the Console.
  • Display user’s name under avatars in various places.

Bug fixes

  • Performance issues addressed through the entire application.
  • Comment notifications now select the propper individuals in a conversation.
  • Disallow blank template names.
  • Auto-center wide screens in Share mode.
  • Fixed real-time pushing of new comments in conversations.
  • The template dropdown menu now scrolls when the browser window isn’t large enough to display them all.

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