10 designers reimagine Rick and Morty

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Kristin Hillery
  •  Jan 11, 2018
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We took a quick trip through the multiverse to gather our most favorite designs inspired by Rick and Morty. It’s safe to say that some of these designers really showed us what they got.

If you don’t understand, just scroll down—we promise it’ll make more sense than interdimensional cable.

Pickle Rick by the great Andrew Kolb. Loving the vintage illustration style here.
Ben Grossblatt gets schwifty with this simple illustration.


Time To Get Riggity Riggity Wrecked Son by Thomas Fitzpatrick. *Burp.*
Rick and Morty do time in this flat illustration by July Pluto.


Picasso-inspired Rick and Morty by Sedki Alimam.


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“I’m Cute Rick!” by Vic. We can’t wait to see this on a t-shirt at Gump Inc.
Free Rick by Mads Franktzen. Don’t hate the player—hate the game, son.
Rick and Morty vector icons with interesting dot shadow details, by Aleksandar Savic.
This Rick and Morty roundup wouldn’t be complete without some Szechuan dipping sauce. And here it is as a watercolor by Karen Kurycki.

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