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Liz Steelman
  •  Nov 3, 2020
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“Shape Our Future” embodies more than just the act of voting. It is empowering enough to involve “change” in broad opportunities beyond just voting. For National Voter Registration Day, we asked 10 designers from across the country to illustrate what a future of positivity, inclusivity, diversity, human rights, acceptance, love and safety would look like. Today on Election Day, we are hoping their illustrations encourage US citizens to vote in the 2020 presidential election, and to remind members of the global design community that the opportunity for this better future knows no borders.

See the illustrations:

Allison Filice (@allisonfilice)

“Shaping the future begins with going inward and transforming ourselves. Our own personal metamorphosis. Change and growth can be a painful process, but it’s an important one. We must heal our inner world before we can heal the external one.”

David Gonzalez (@elninodotstudio)

“The future I’d like to see is one that is unified in working towards the common good. It’s beyond crazy that equality and basic human rights are still up for debate today. Let’s get away from this ‘me’ mentality and start thinking about our neighbors—no matter their race, color, creed, or sexual orientation. Let’s make this ‘United’ thing true.”

Keegan Sanford (@keegansanford)

“The future I want to live in is vibrant and bustling. It’s clean energy, open discourse, universal acceptance and understanding. It’s shaped by perspectives from all walks of life and centered around a common goal to create a world that is sustainable and safe for all.”

Nate Williams (@n8wn8w)

“NATURE IS THE SOLUTION. Being in nature always puts things in perspective for me. I hope the future embraces a geographically decentralized workforce that will truly bring diverse perspectives, reduce transportation pollution, and grow the middle class. In addition to improving the relationship between land, water and wildlife.”

Nataly Menjivar (@_littlefang)

“For my illustration, I wanted to imagine a future for the environment. I want a future where the rain is pure for flowers, where nature is living in harmony. I wanna shape the future into a world where we’re good custodians of our planet, the earth is taken care of and takes care of us. “

Kendrick Kidd (@kendrickkidd)

“I have no idea what the future holds, but I just want to give the world a hug and this is kind of my way of expressing that.”

Lisa Champ (@champ.nyc)

“2020 has been a trying year in the United States and globally. Being an election year we have power to shape our future and vote for the change we want to see. The dove is a universal symbol of love, peace, and new beginnings. The rose is the national flower of the US, grows in all 50 states surviving hot and cold temperature extremes. As a country we’ve weathered so much. This is a message of change I hope will be the reality of 2021.”

Emilio Santoyo (@emiliospocket)

“I wanted to get the message out that we don’t only need to vote this time around, but we need to vote early! There are so many hurdles and obstacles that we may need to overcome to get our vote out this year, that it’s better to get it in earlier. VOTE EARLY! “

Kim Salt (@kesalt)

“Because democracy is a shared endeavor, my hope is to represent disparate people coming together in united causes. A bright future means we must support and look out for one another.”

Mercedes Bazan (@mechibaz)

“My concept is to rely on a variety of elements to build a structure. The structure itself is not perfect, such as every community. The shapes are representing the people and their responsibility. Every single one of them are necessary for the structure to stay up. The future can be brighter if we are more humble and tolerant with each other.“

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