86 Sketch shortcuts that every product designer should be using

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Joseph Angelo Todaro
  •  Jul 13, 2017
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Sketch is packed with features for designers and vector illustrators, so naturally there are a ton of shortcuts—around 150 to be exact.

If you’re a product designer, around half of these Sketch shortcuts will easily fit into your day-to-day workflow, saving you a ton of seconds, which add up to a gaggle of minutes, which could easily become a flock of hours. Learn these 86 Sketch shortcuts and soar.


Sketch shortcuts: Zooming and navigating

Space + Drag Pan Canvas
⌘+ Zoom in
⌘– Zoom out
⌘0 Zoom to 100%
⌘1 Zoom to all elements on Canvas
⌘2 Zoom to selected layer(s)
⌘3 Center selected layer(s) in the Canvas
Z + Drag Zoom to area
⌘. Enter presentation mode
fn→ Select next Artboard
fn← Select previous Artboard
fn↑ Previous page
fn↓ Next page

Sketch shortcuts: Inserting layers

R Rectangle
O Oval
T Text tool
A Artboard tool
S Slice tool
⇧⌘V Paste over selection
⌥ + Drag When inserting a layer, draw shape from center
⇧ + Drag When inserting a layer, lock ratio of shape
Space + Drag Move newly drawn layer before confirming it

Sketch shortcuts: Selecting layers

⌥+ Drag Selects layer within drag bounds
Double-click Layer Select grouped layer
⌘ + Click Layer Select layer within group
⌥ + Click Layer Select an obscured layer
⇧⌘A Select all Artboards
⇧ + Click Add layer to selection/deselect layer in Canvas
⇧⌘ + Click Add layer from group to selection in Canvas
Tab Select next layer in group
⇧Tab Select previous layer in group
Enter Selects layer inside group
Esc Selects parent group

Sketch shortcuts: Moving and resizing layers

⌥ + Hover Display distance between other layers
⌥ + Resize Resize from center
⇧ + Resize Constrain proportions
⌘D Duplicate
⌥ + Drag Duplicate
⇧ + Drag Constrain move
⌘ + Drag Disable smart guides
⌥⌘ + Drag Lock drag to selection
Arrow Keys Nudge position by 1px
⇧ + Arrow Keys Nudge position by 10px
⌘→ or ↓ Expand by 1 px
⌘← or ↑ Contract by 1 px
⇧⌘→ or ↓ Expand by 10 px
⇧⌘← or ↑ Contract by 10 px
⇧K Scale layer

Sketch shortcuts: Editing layers

Enter Edit layer
Esc Finish editing
⌥⌘C Copy style
⌥⌘V Paste style
F Toggle fill
B Toggle border
⌃C Activate color picker
0 to 9 Set layer opacity
⌃⌘M Use as mask
⌘Esc Return to instance
Delete layer

Sketch shortcuts: Text editing

⌥⇧⌘V Paste as rich text
⌥⌘+ Increase font size
⌥⌘– Decrease font size
⌃⌥L Increase character spacing
⌃⌥T Decrease character spacing
⇧⌘{ Align left
⇧⌘| Align center
⇧⌘} Align right
⇧⌘O Convert to outlines
⇧Return Insert a line break

Sketch shortcuts: Arranging layers

⌘G Group selection
⌘R Rename layer
⇧⌘G Ungroup
⌥⌘↑ Bring forward
⌃⌥⌘↑ Bring to front
⌥⌘↓ Send backward
⌃⌥⌘↓ Send to back
⌥⇧⌘↑ Move up out of group/artboard
⌃⌘H Distribute horizontally
⌃⌘V Distribute vertically
⌥ + Click Align buttons Align layer to Artboard
⇧⌘H Hide/show layer
⇧⌘L Lock/unlock layer

Sketch shortcuts: Exporting layers

⇧⌘E Export layer
Drag a layer/thumbnail to Desktop Export asset
Drag a layer/thumbnail to Canvas Insert flattened duplicate
/ in layer name Includes folder in export

Click on the image below to download our Sketch shortcuts desktop wallpaper:

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