Studio goes abroad— ‘Hallo’ Berlin and Amsterdam

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Dana Pake
  •  Nov 20, 2017
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InVision Studio knows no borders. Last week, we landed in Berlin and Amsterdam, and connected with digital product design leaders from across Europe.

November 15—a chilly fall night didn’t keep the design community away from House of Weekend, the venue for Berlin’s InVision Studio demo. Like our previous Studio Demo + Drinks events, the night was a celebration of the digital product design community and offered an early look at Studio in action (publicly available early 2018).

To date we’ve shared the tenants of the Studio product—dynamic collaboration, advanced animation, shared design systems, and more—but at these events we also gave a first-look into the Studio product roadmap post-launch:

Two days later, we did it all over again in Amsterdam—this time at the A’dam loft. The local product design community packed the house. We loved the excitement of attendees and came away from the night with incredible product feedback.

The first leg of our tour concludes December 7th in Seattle but we’ve got plenty more in store for early next year. Sign up below to get early access to InVision Studio and learn about future Studio happenings near you.

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