Learn how to switch to Sketch with this free and easy video course

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Joseph Angelo Todaro
  •  Nov 3, 2016
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Screen/UI/UX design isn’t easy. It takes a rare talent to consider and design the best solution for a stranger halfway around the world—and make it beautiful, too.  We can agree on that, right?

Can we also agree that existing tools and workflows aren’t making it any easier for us?

Luckily, a few innovative companies have seen the lack of evolution in the design tool space. They’ve created products to optimize your workflow and make your design experience just as delightful as the one you’re tasked to build. Nothing beats fun and fast!

What if you could do exactly what you do today—in half the time and with basically zero downtime to learn how—and ship better designs, faster?

If you haven’t tried Sketch yet, you really should. I know trying a new tool might seem risky, or like it would take too much time and money to learn. But switching to Sketch is easy, I promise!

I’ve created a set of 100% free video tutorials to make it super easy to try Sketch. The course provides practical skills you can actually use in minutes. Plus, you’ll get pro tips to help you customize your future digital design workflow—like incorporating real data into your designs, or creating fast cloud-based asset libraries.

In the first 15 minutes of the course, we’ll cover:

  • Design basics, shapes, text, and formatting
  • Editing, composite shapes, and masking
  • Symbols and styles in Sketch
  • Plus, like, a ton more

Come on, give it a try!

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