InVision’s 15 most popular blog posts of all time

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Shayna Hodkin
  •  Apr 5, 2019
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Our blog has been live since 2014, and in that time we’ve published over 1,619 posts written by 532 different authors. Wow.

For our five-year anniversary, we’ve gone digging through those 1,619 contenders to pull out the top 15 posts, as determined by you: the folks reading, sharing, and enjoying. If you haven’t read them yet, it’s about time. If you’ve already read all of them…well, there’s at least 1,604 more where these came from.

Meet our top 15.

1. This is how you’re going to become a UX designer

Becoming a UX designer isn’t like becoming a doctor or lawyer—no one’s telling you how to get where you’re going. CareerFoundry CEO Raffaela Rein explains what it takes to become a UX designer, from developing the skills to landing the job.

Become the designer you’ve always dreamed of being

2. 11 mistakes freelancers make with design contracts

Especially with the amount of freelancers growing seemingly by the minute, it’s of utmost importance to get those contract rules down—and now. No better time than the present to get your money right.

11 ways to get your contracts sorted. Cha-ching.

3. Low-fidelity vs. high-fidelity prototyping

When you’re getting ready to start prototyping, something you have to consider is how closely this prototype needs to resemble the end result. The closer you want it to come, the more invested–and higher-fidelity—your wireframe is going to be. Here are the pros, cons, whys, and why-nots.

From sketching to components, learn about the different shades of wireframe fidelity.

4. Build an interactive prototype in Sketch in minutes (Resources included!)

Struggling to build interactive prototypes? Spending hours on prototyping? No more. Joseph Todaro, Video Producer at InVision and Sketch expert, walks us through how to use Craft to create prototypes from your beautiful Sketch screens—within Sketch.

He’s even included sample files and videos. Check it out.

5. 101 quotes about design and creativity

Have you ever heard someone crystallize a thought or opinion so well that all you can do is look at them and say, Well…dang? These quotes are 101 selections of brilliance on design and creativity.

101 quotes about design and creativity on the screen, 101 quotes about design and creativity…

6. 23 free device mockups every designer should have on hand

When you’re designing for multiple screen sizes, visualizing your work can get tricky. That’s where these mockups come in: they give you access to every and all screen size you can imagine, opening your design world up well beyond the expanse of the standard 13″ laptop.

Your design potential, magnified by 23.

7. 20 free handwriting fonts for designers

Finding great fonts isn’t easy, especially when your taste is discerning and your eye knows what its looking for. These 20 great (hand-picked) fonts are the solution for when you need hand-written, you need it beautiful, and you need it now.

They’re free, they’re beautiful, and there’s 20 of them. Treat yo’ self.

8. 10 amazing examples of interaction design

Interaction design is the foundation of every website or app. Yes, including this one. All of them. It’s where logos, colors, icons, illustration, and imagery meet—plus a few other elements that make-or-break interactive experiences. These are 10 hand-picked examples of phenomenal design that will help inspire, and uplevel, your projects.

They move, they shake, they inspire. Read on.

9. A comprehensive guide to design systems

One would hope that designers spend most of their time designing, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Without a design system in place, you could be stuck looking for buttons instead of creating something beautiful. With a design system, however, you can take advantage of all that extra time and fill it with creativity—and a visit to the coffee machine. This post will teach you the ins-and-outs of what design systems are, how they can make your workflow easier, and how to set one up starting…now.

Get yourself a design system in place and you can step away from the final_final_final_MASTERBUTTON.jpg forever

10. 7 of the highest paid fields in the design industry

Design is the creative field matching love for aesthetic and need to feed. These 7 fields of design are the ones you should be looking out if you’re ready to do what you love and pay rent on time. Think UX, UI, product…and then some surprises.

Finally, 7 ways to make your wallet thank you.

11. How to make your first wireframe

If you feel like you never learned how to wireframe, it’s not because you slept through that algebra class—it’s because you probably never learned how. But today’s the day! This is the moment! It’s about time you make your first wireframe, following these steps.

There’s no better time than the present to learn how to make wireframes. Start sketching!

12. 11 powerful examples of responsive web design

If a website isn’t responsive, then is it a website at all? Especially with upwards of 50% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, one would be hard-pressed to argue against responsive web design. These 11 examples show the power of fluid design—with an explanation of popular responsive lingo to boot.

Inspiration x 11, coming right up.

13. Top 7 photo editing apps for designers

Thanks to our smartphones, we all have a powerful camera right in our pockets. And, with dozens of advanced photo editing apps available, you can edit your photos from your iPhone, wherever you are. Whether you want to create original photos or just want to avoid stock photography, check out these seven photo editing apps.

Down with stock photos, long live phone cameras.

14. A quick guide to choosing a color palette

Out of the whole wide world of colors, creating a palette isn’t easy! Getting down the basics of color theaory, plus the meaning of colors and a few handy tips, will help you become a master of the trade.

A few tips, a few tricks, and you’ll be making your own color palettes in no time.

15. Website and app wireframe examples for creating a solid UX design

The best UX designs start with wireframes. These wireframe and website examples will give you something to think about—and inspire your next design project.

Let these examples guide you to kicking off your UX design.

Collaborate in real time on a digital whiteboard