Our top 5 DesignTalks of 2016

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Margaret Kelsey
  •  Nov 23, 2016
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We’ve had 23 incredible speakers so far this year in our #DesignTalk series. Tens of thousands of you have participated in discussions ranging from freelancing skills to how to design for executives.

Check out our top 5 most popular talks below—and find out how you can get your topic idea on the list for 2017.

5 years of Lean UX

Since the idea first percolated in 2010 through to its current state as a permanent hashtag on Twitter, Lean UX changed the way we look at designing products—including how we work with our colleagues in product management, software engineering, marketing, and executive leadership.

In this tactical talk, Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX, shares his key insights from 5 years of teaching, writing about, and practicing Lean UX.

Unified design

Today’s web users are fanatically multi-screen users. They’ll add a product to their Amazon cart on a laptop at work and finish checking out on a smartphone in bed. Responsive web design laid the foundation for designing multi-screen UX within the browser by creating a unified browsing experience. Unified design aims to build on that foundation by unifying the entire experience across devices and platforms.

Cameron Moll teaches 10 best practices for delivering a unified, consistent user experience regardless of where the digital experience begins, continues, and ends.

The human-first principles for mobile success

We all strive to be better human beings. We want an attractive body, a meaningful life, and to become more intelligent about the things that count. And the more connected we become to our mobile products, the more we expect from them. Mobile products are essentially an extension of ourselves.

Mobile guru and Silicon Valley veteran SC Moatti teaches the “human-first” principles that are the foundation for mobile success, in this robust talk.

Done is better than perfect

You’ve wrapped up a project, and now you’re ready to ship it. But then your mind starts racing: Is it even good? Did I miss anything? Will people like it? Is it actually done? If your work does what it’s supposed to, it’s ready to go—but how do you overcome that fear and just press send?

In this talk with Brad Weaver, Chief Experience Officer at Nine Labs, we cover the steps to getting more work out there more often—and how to build better relationships with your clients and users along the way.

How to manipulate people, in a good way

As designers and makers, we have the power to change people’s behavior.Twitter Logo But what’s the right way to use this power? How can you use product psychology to persuade people ethically?

Nir Eyal, the bestselling author of the number-one ranked book on product design, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, shares his new research into how to persuade people for good.

Our last DesignTalk of 2017

Want to create a product people love? You have to get into the habit of doing more research. The problem is that most teams mistakenly believe research is time consuming and expensive. If you get into the habit of doing fast and frequent feedback, you’ll glean critical insights that inform every product decision and prevent you from building something people don’t want.

Looking forward

Let us know what topics and speakers you’re interested in for next year by tweeting to us @InVisionApp.

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