Tours take your design presentations to the next level

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Andy Orsow
  •  Apr 15, 2015
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You make your design decisions carefully, always striking the balance between user need and business objectives—but you don’t always have the chance to explain them in person.

Our newest feature, Tours, lets you make your voice heard—even when you’re not there to speak for yourself. And it’s just the first of many powerful collaboration features to come.

How Tours work

If you’ve ever commented on an InVision project, you already know how to create a Tour. Just switch to Comment Mode, click the part of the design you want to call attention to, and set the comment type to Tour Point.

Note: Viewers progress through Tour Points on a screen from top to bottom, left to right, so you can easily rearrange yours just by moving comments around the page.

When you’re ready to wow your viewers, just share the prototype like you usually do. They’ll be able to reply to your Tour Point directly, just like a regular comment, so conversations stay in context.

If you don’t want your Tour to display, just turn off commenting in the sharing settings. Handy if you’re running a user test.

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6 ways we use Tours

You can adapt Tours to fit your team’s or project’s needs in a variety of ways, opening up all new ways of collaborating.

But in case you’re stumped, here’s 6 ways we’ve used Tours with our own team:

  1. To walk people through an entire experience, and focus attention on key elements
  2. To provide design rationale
  3. To call out specific details for targeted feedback (a great way to say “Help, please” to your copywriter)
  4. To highlight updates you made based on previous feedback
  5. To present designs or iterations that aren’t ready for, or don’t need a full prototype
  6. Quick this-or-that tests: “Which do you like better? This one or that one?”

But we’re sure you’ll find your own creative uses—and can’t wait to hear all about them!
However you put them to use, Tours will help keep your project on the rails, and get new viewers up to speed, so they can provide more meaningful feedback.

Ready to get started? Set up your first Tour today!

Questions or comments? Hit us up on Twitter @InVisionApp—we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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