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V7 product updates: August 2020

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Fran Larkin
  •  Aug 1, 2020
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This month’s product updates are all about working smarter. Try Specs to improve your dev handoff, plus enjoy a faster workflow with Cloud navigation improvements and search for DSM. Let’s dive in:

Introducing Specs, the new way to share final screens with developers

Specs, our new solution for sharing final designs and specifications with developers, is now ready for you to try!

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Meet the new InVision Design System Manager

The new Design System Manager lets you search across your documentation, catalog component details, document icons, and more.

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New sidebar navigation to quickly access your work

We’ve added a new sidebar experience to the home page, making it easier to quickly organize and access documents and Spaces.

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  • Embed live screens: Rather than using static images in documentation or tickets, you can now embed screens to keep them always up-to-date. Grab the embed code from the Screens Overview page of your prototypes.
  • Improved public share links: Public share link recipients can now intuitively navigate screens via thumbnail tray, grid view, or keyword search.
  • Easily export a Freehand: You can now export an entire freehand as an image from the More menu icon (•••).

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