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V7 product updates: H2 2021

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Brittany Rutherford
  •  Dec 13, 2021
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We’ve added new integrations, tools, and features to help your team work together better.

Bring live content from your favorite apps into Freehand

  • Embed Google files to collaborate on projects from the visual canvas.
  • Record videos with Loom to asynchronously walk collaborators through your Freehand.
  • Embed and play YouTube and Vimeo videos to make your canvas more interactive.
  • Add Mode reports to show real time data in your Freehand.


Centralize your team’s work with Projects

Use Projects to easily organize work within a Space so your team can always find and collaborate on the documents they need.


Power Collaborative Intelligence with MS Teams + InVision 

  • Make meetings more interactive and engaging with the new meeting extension for the MS Teams Freehand app.
  • Streamline your work flows when you use the new MS Teams InVision app to collaborate on InVision Prototypes, Specs, and more.

Create wireframes in a snap with the Wireframe add-on

Use the Wireframe add-on to drag-and-drop components into a Freehand, helping designs quickly take shape.

InVision Freehand Product Roadmap

Join Jeff Chow and David Robb from the InVision Freehand team for our quarterly roadmap conversation, where we’ll discuss our vision, recent launches, and a preview of what’s to come.

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See what else is new

  • Add Figma and Google files to InVision so all project work lives in one place.
  • Upload PDFs into your canvas to easily markup with stickies, text, and drawing for better feedback.
  • Help stakeholders visualize designs when you add InVision Prototypes to the canvas with the Prototypes add-on.
  • Stay on task and maintain your collaborators’ focus with the Timer add-on in Freehand.
  • Manage and jump to comment threads in Prototypes and Freehand from the comments panel.
  • Set custom icons to give your documents a unique identity.
  • Order objects forwards and backward, and choose the placement order of shapes, lines, text and stickies in your canvas.
  • Colorblock shapes in Freehand with 100% opacity fill.

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