V7 InVision Product Updates: January 2022

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Ellie Kulick
  •  Jan 24, 2022
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InVision has added dozens of new templates, integrations, tools, and features to Freehand to help your team work together better. 

Get inspired with over 70(!) new Freehand collaboration templates

A blank canvas can be a magical place where creativity runs wild and ideas flow freely. But sometimes, we know it can be a bit overwhelming — especially when you’re in a time crunch. 

Instead of spending hours creating something from scratch, try one of our ready-to-use templates and give yourself a jump start. From brainstorms to project planning, to meetings and workshops, we’ve added a whole new set of Freehand templates to unlock collaboration for you and your team.

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Brainstorming templates to jam with your team

Try new brainstorming techniques like Reverse Brainstorming and Brain Writing to generate new ideas, or go back to basics with a simple approach, such as a Mind Map (shown below) for free-flow associations. 

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Templates to host productive meetings and workshops your team will want to participate in

Being an effective meeting facilitator can be challenging — unless you’ve got a great template in your back pocket. Host productive and engaging meetings with templates for retrospectives (seen below), 1:1s, and tailored workshops

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Turn big ideas into action with planning templates

Great ideas need an equally great strategy and plan to get them in motion. Whether it’s campaign planning, OKR planning, or simple tools to help you prioritize, we’ve got you covered with templates that help your team bring big ideas to life. 

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  • Use the Adobe XD add-on to curate and contextualize artboards in the canvas so collaborators can easily give design feedback. 
  • Add a shortcut to any external link, including Adobe XD files, to InVision and help centralize project work. 
  • Collaborate visually on Microsoft Office files in the Freehand canvas for quick and easy feedback.
  • Effortlessly transition from a collaborative canvas to a focused view with Present Mode.
  • Control what integrations your enterprise team can access with new administrator settings.

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Technology should improve our lives, not make it more complicated. You need a productivity tool that meets you where you are and nurtures collaboration rather than hinders it. Together, these Freehand updates help get you closer to that single source of truth — one meeting spot that will scale with you. Optimizing real-time work means more time and focus for asynchronous collaboration, too. Don’t be surprised when things start moving at a quicker pace. Just imagine: What does a 40% more productive you look like? We’re excited to see.

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