What we learned about visual collaboration in 2021 — and what it means moving forward

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Nick Lioudis
  •  Jan 18, 2022
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Effective visual collaboration allows teams to better ideate, communicate, and contribute — think about the benefits and endless opportunities that arise from simply having more efficient meetings, workshops, brainstorms, or planning sessions — otherwise known as the ideal working environment for bandwidth-constrained hybrid and remote teams these days.

Companies have also seen this need for better collaboration via new technologies (and have adapted accordingly). Digital collaboration tools get teams closer to communication nirvana in the form of an online workspace to help their remote and hybrid teams work better together. Teams are moving past the tactic of positioning an abstract virtual whiteboard in front of collaborators, and replacing it with the promise of a limitless canvas to surface new ideas in an inclusive environment, no matter where or how they work.

In The State of Visual Collaboration, InVision analyzed the challenges that come with streamlining effective remote collaboration. One of our key takeaways is that organizations urgently need to solve this problem more than we (and many workforces) once thought. According to InVision research, both workers and C-Suite professionals currently focus on replicating in-person collaboration in an online environment in their day-to-day lives, with mixed success at best.

As remote teams still find their way, the research shows that visual collaboration tools can help connect the dots. Take a closer look at The State of Visual Collaboration to see where the communication gaps may exist in your own organization, and as important, the simple ways you can adapt to build a better work environment going forward.

How is your team working to improve collaboration in a remote or hybrid setting?

Check out our new guide, The State of Visual Collaboration, to help you better understand the common challenges of remote collaboration and the steps your team can take to thrive, regardless of where they are located.

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