Wake joins InVision + announcing Wake Free

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Clark Valberg
  •  Apr 3, 2018
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Update 8/15/18: Thanks for your interest in Wake! We’ve closed signups for Wake Free, but stay tuned for more updates from the team!

Today, we’re excited to welcome Wake to the InVision family and introduce Wake Free, a new version coming this summer that will bring design visibility to more product teams.

Wake is loved across the community and used by product teams at Airbnb, Capital One, Eventbrite, Spotify, and Stripe, among others. For these teams, design visibility is a core organizational discipline, and Wake helps them have internal conversations about design earlier in the product cycle. This means customer experience is front and center.

Using Wake, select product team members can follow along as designs evolve and experiences take shape. This way, key members of your team can contribute ideas to improve the final outcome. If teamwork makes the dream work, collaboration is the thread that holds it all together, especially when it comes to staying aligned as things scale.

The Wake team has joined InVision to build out the product, but they’ll continue operating as a separate brand to support existing customers.

Together, Wake and InVision are working on a new roadmap that adds visibility into every step of the design workflow. This means the product will gain even more capabilities over time—starting with Wake Free.

“We’ve found Wake to be an essential part of our toolkit. Not only does it help the whole team see and absorb each other’s work, it enables us to ship products faster by getting the right people involved early in the process.”
–Tom Censani, Director of Product Design, Eventbrite

Wake Free is ideal for small teams and those beginning to facilitate key conversations earlier in the design process. Once Wake Free rolls out, designers can share in-progress designs to get feedback from the broader team—without ever having to leave the design tool. This new version will include:

  • Unlimited uploads. You’ll be able to share as much as you want, whenever you want
  • Versioning. See how designs evolve, share early and often, and keep a history of all your design explorations
  • Spaces. Organize design work in one place so your team doesn’t waste time looking for context, and control access for internal and external contributors
  • Up to 15 contributors. Allow more people on your team to get involved and make decisions
  • Slack and Hipchat integrations. Lead conversations around design activity with a dedicated collaboration channel to showcase what’s being shared

Here’s a breakdown of how Wake Free will compare to the existing Wake Enterprise plan.

We’re excited to see how design visibility will impact your team. Bringing the right perspectives into the process at the right time is the first step to making design a core discipline—and it helps us all move toward a design-led future.

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