InVision + Webex: More immersive meetings have arrived

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Brittany Rutherford
  •  Mar 22, 2022
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New integrations, tools, and templates to fuel transformative collaboration.

Take inclusive collaboration to the next level with InVision’s new integration with Webex

Less talk, more action. Make your team’s meetings a time for connection, inspiration, and productivity. Run brainstorms, project kickoffs, workshops, design sprints, retros, and more in the flexible, visual Freehand canvas within the Webex meeting stage.

Use the new Freehand app for Webex to:  

  • Empower everyone to contribute their ideas
  • Create an inclusive environment to work together
  • Keep the focus and reduce context switching



No more view-only meetings! Freehand is the workboard for any workflow, with quick start templates, intuitive tools, and connected apps to fuel creative collaboration. All work stays in the Freehand canvas post-meeting so your team’s project momentum can continue async. 

Backed by enterprise-ready security, Freehand and Webex are equipped to support even the most security conscious teams. 

Work together better, from anywhere, with Freehand for Webex.

Plus, see what else is new at InVision

InVision Chief Product Officer Jeff Chow and SVP Design Stephanie Mencarelli, provide a tour through the new InVision, shine a light on our recent innovations, and provide an exclusive preview of what’s to come.

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