Join our first webinar: “Engaging engineering in design”

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John Moore Williams
  •  Feb 10, 2015
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Socializing your design means more than getting colleague and stakeholder buy-in. Because a successful design is more than just beautiful graphics and intuitive interactions—it’s a symphony: a gorgeously choreographed collaboration between visual and interaction design, copywriting, front-end dev, and back-end engineering.

But when it comes to creating complex, data-rich applications, working with that last group becomes particularly vital. Without engineering’s input, you could see vital aspects of your flow hit the cutting room floor.

So save yourself some wasted time and unnecessary aggravation. Sign up for our first-ever webinar, “Engaging engineering in design,” with FullStory design lead and Google alum, Josh Teague.

Josh will share his his hard-won wisdom on evangelizing design across your entire organization, with a particular focus on ensuring engineering’s got your back.

Ed note: this webinar has ended. Here’s our recap and a link to the recording.


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