Weekly design news roundup—Friday, January 12, 2018

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Will Fanguy
  •  Jan 12, 2018
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Here are the design-focused posts we read this week that we think you should read too. We’ve highlighted more than one list of principles that guide design plus some guidance on what tools made a splash in 2017. There’s also a post on site security that might be based on a true story… Enjoy!

10 new principles of good design

With a nod to Braun legend Dieter Rams–whose 10 principles for good design remain indispensable, though somewhat narrowly concerned with the particulars of industrial design–here are 10 new principles for good design.

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5 UX design principles that never go out of style

People are creatures of habit. If every website features their scroll bar on the right side of the page, changing it could result in mass confusion — even if the change is objectively “more efficient.” A UX designer must always consider not just what the user wants, but also what they know and expect.

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10 tools & apps that made me a better designer In 2017

We’ve never seen a year in which design grew so much more in relevance than in 2017. It has been the year design finally found its voice in boardrooms. The year the role of designers intersected with that of the leaders.

We saw a rise in demand for design, an outpouring of design knowledge, and a myriad of tools, apps, and frameworks that got us all distracted. Pun intended.

There’s never been a fascinating year for me as a designer than 2017. Here are 10 apps and tools that kept me productive, informed, creative, and impactful in 2017.

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5 UX books that’ll change how you think about design

There are so many mediocre business, design, or technology books. I’ve read a lot of different “designer” books (closing in on a hundred as I’m writing this). Most of them are really not that amazing.

Sadly, I can safely say a lot of the authors are just repeating the same basic mantra.

Lean. Testing with users. Prototyping. Not wasting users’ time. Actually, very few books ever introduce anything really original or astonish me with a totally different worldview on what design really is.

Except when they do…

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I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. Here’s how.

It’s been a frantic week of security scares — it seems like every day there’s a new vulnerability. It’s been a real struggle for me personally to pretend like I understand what’s going on when asked about it by family members.

Seeing people close to me get all flustered at the prospect of being “pwned” has really put things in perspective for me.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I’ve decided to come clean and tell you all how I’ve been stealing usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers from your sites for the past few years.

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