What’s new in Freehand: Five features to improve productivity and collaboration

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Diana Buccella
  •  Aug 11, 2023
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We’ve been busy here at InVision! Check out five of our recent product updates:

Freehand AI

Built into the fabric of the Intelligent Canvas, Freehand AI takes a major step forward by not just smoothing out team workflows, but drastically reducing major steps in process, and maximizing the return on your collaboration tooling investment.

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Tables is a flexible data view that caters to your team’s specific workflow needs, with custom properties like people, tags, dates, links, and more. Configuration options let you filter, sort, search, and group tasks and data more efficiently. And, Tables seamlessly integrates into the Intelligent Canvas with the ability to absorb data from other smart objects like cards and people stickers — turning collaboration into action.

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Team building tools

Looking to uplevel your next team event? We recently added two new features to Freehand that are specifically designed to enhance team building, games, and icebreakers.

The Buzzer and Leaderboard are interactive tools that encourage teamwork, competition, and collaboration among team members. With these new features, teams can create engaging activities and games that can help break down barriers and build stronger team relationships. You can even turn routine training and enablement exercises into fun competitions by gamifying them.

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Uplevel agile workflows

Distributed teams can more seamlessly work together, making Freehand’s Intelligent Canvas the central location for ideation, feedback, and decision making. By leveraging these and other recent Freehand updates, teams can work more efficiently and effectively, ultimately improving their overall productivity and project outcomes. To see a common use case in action, have a look at how you can sprint plan more effectively.

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Link previews

Link previews and embed are a big time-saver when it comes to referencing information and understanding context on the Freehand canvas. Instead of opening linked content separately, the preview or embed gives you an instant glimpse of the content,. This way, everyone on the team can quickly grasp the context without navigating away from the canvas, ensuring that informed decisions can be made right then and there.

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