7 Dribbble shots honoring Women’s History Month

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Emily Esposito
  •  Mar 25, 2019
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This Women’s History Month, we honor the countless contributions that women have made to history, culture, and society. We celebrate the mothers, daughters, partners, friends, and coworkers in our lives who inspire us and who work to make the world a better place for everyone.

As designers, we process visually. We make art from feelings. So, to honor the women who have made and shaped us, we went to Dribbble to pick out seven empowering shots, all designed by women.

Girl power

Angella Watterson created this colorful, geometric design to teach her daughter to never give up on the fight for gender equality. She writes “that the world is starving for more female CEOs. […] That strength and kindness can, and should, go hand in hand.” This woman isn’t afraid to take up space, and talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve—she’s wearing her womanhood on her eyes.

Angella is a graphic designer, illustrator, calligrapher, and self-described packaging nerd. Having worked with clients including Starbucks, Pinky Tea, and Wine Bags, one could say she’s also a big fan of liquids—of all kinds.


Illustrated for Refinery29’s collection of Women’s March art, Bailey Sullivan communicates so much with three simple words and a typewriter. A new era is coming.

One look at Bailey’s Instagram will show you that her taste and talents go far beyond women’s rights. As a full-time graphic designer at WeWork by day, freelancer by night, her work is by no means limited to the workspace—she weaves, she illustrates sardine cans, and she even designed her own wedding invitations.

Rock the vote

Believe it or not, your gran could be older than her right to vote. June 4 marks just 100 years of women’s suffrage in the United States. When we put it that way, celebrating the right to vote seems a lot more urgent.

Flavia Mayer, Head of Design at Wholesome Culture and illustrator on the side, believes in women. It can be seen in her drawings of the female form, and more so in her writing and lettering. Her subjects, ranging from serene women to wild tigers, encompass the beauty of the calm, the enraged, and the earth around you.

A unified front

This bold, art deco-inspired illustration demonstrates unity. The designer, Emma Linh, writes, “We the women, no matter our color, shape, or beliefs, must come together to build a better future for our girls.”

Having freelanced with some of the largest companies in social—Facebook and Pinterest, to start—Emma is well-versed in what makes the people tick. Her Instagram is the home to work highlighting the importance of women, civil action, and, slightly unrelated, lettering.

If you agree that life’s too short to build things nobody wants, then you took the words out of Mick’s mouth—or off of her website. Her work with Canva, KitchenAid, and the Marriott will have you dreaming of faraway, delicious places.

Lean on me

Mick designed this image as a tribute to the women and men “who have taken a chance on me, believed in me, and empowered me professionally.” Now it’s her turn to pass on the support and pull other women up.

We, the Shebras

Ava DeVoe, designer at The Zebra, has united the women of her team forevermore—on a t-shirt. To celebrate Women’s History Month, The Zebra printed these shirts for the entire team. Know your Shebras.

Women grow like roses

April Alessandra offers a new take on the rose, with five women each representing a petal that makes up the greater whole. The petal metaphor also touches on the idea that each petal, or woman, can be different, but together they make something beautiful.

April’s studio, Apridot Studios, is a great source of inspiration for anyone working on illustrations. The use of color, lettering, and joy makes her Instagram a joy to scroll through.

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