Simplify sharing and keep feedback focused with InVision + Adobe XD

Bring the whole team together to review, give feedback, test, and iterate.

InVision Freehand integrates with Adobe XD to simplify sharing designs. Once work is ready to share, designers can embed artboards so reviewers can add their input. Keep designs and feedback all in one place, and keep the whole team happy and up-to-date.

Use InVision + Adobe XD to: 

  • Add your feedback in real-time. Interactive tools like sticky notes and emoji reactions make it simple to share your thoughts and keep everything in one place.
  • Make your creative reviews more productive. Designers can add context to get the feedback they need, which keeps the focus on the work.
  • Eliminate the need for yet another tool. With Freehand, designers can work where they want to, and quickly embed artboards when it’s time to share.

InVision Freehand + Adobe XD simplifies the review process and gives your team back some time. Everyone can share their thoughts, teams can work together, and no one has to ask, “So what exactly am I looking at?” again.

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