See the future and plan smarter with InVision + Google Calendar

Keep your project on track. Include deadlines and key project dates with InVision + Google Calendar.

There are two ways you can integrate Google Calendar with all of the work you do in Freehand.

1. Attach Freehands to Meetings and Events

Makes attaching a specific Freehand to a meeting a snap. With the new Google Calendar Integration, easily find the Freehand you want to attach to a meeting.

With the Freehand attached directly inside the calendar event, all attendees can prepare, pre-read, and add content before the meeting, pick-up the right content when they join, and reference the Freehand afterward if they need to clarify what was discussed. So start giving those Kick-offs, brainstorms, and roundtable meetings an attached Freehand today.

2. Keep your project on track. Embed Google Calendars inside Freehand

Make it easy to share timelines with the whole team. Keep your calendar and your workflow in one place so everyone can see the full picture when planning meetings, workshops, company events, product sprints, marketing campaigns, and more.

Use InVision + Google Calendar to:

  • Quickly attach Freehands to Google events and meetings for easier visibility
  • Ensure everyone has what they need heading into that next sprint or brainstorm
  • Easily embed calendars to your Freehand to keep everyone in the loop
  • Highlight key project dates in a space the whole team can access.

Learn more about how to Embed Google Calendars into a Freehand or Attach Freehands to Google Calendar events and meetings.

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