The latest deck is right where you need it with InVision + Google Slides

Your Google Slide presentations just got upleveled in a purpose-built tool for collaboration—InVision.

InVision integrates with Google Slides so you can boost your next presentation. Teammates can easily give suggestions in Freehand on Slides prior to your presentation, or share real-time feedback as you're presenting. With InVision + Google Slides, presentations are no longer one sided—they're a collaboration moment.

The integration is ideal for any presentation, including project kickoffs, company all-hands, stakeholder meetings, workshops, webinars, customer pitches, and more.

Use InVision + Google Slides to:

  • Easily embed Google Slides to your Freehand, so everyone has access to the most up-to-date presentation.
  • Add any necessary context to your Freehand to keep the whole team on the same page.
  • Add Google Slides to an InVision Space, so all your relevant files stay together.

Make presentation prep more of a team sport, and encourage more inclusive feedback with InVision + Google Slides.

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