Get everyone’s input with quizzes, surveys, and more —right from the Freehand canvas.

Microsoft Forms integrates with InVision so you can easily share quizzes, polls, surveys, and more with the whole team.

Use Invision + Microsoft Forms to:

  • Easily embed Microsoft Forms to your Freehand, so you can gather the inputs you need from the whole team.
  • Get feedback on your forms with intuitive tools like sticky notes and emoji reactions.
  • Share the results of your forms with team members and stakeholders so everyone has the insights they need to do their best work.

Now you can simplify sharing by adding Microsoft Forms directly to the collaborative Freehand canvas. Whether you’re looking for the team to fill out a survey, or you’re looking for feedback on your form, Freehand makes it easy to get the inputs you need.

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InVision also has integrations with other Microsoft 365 products: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Visio. Check them out!

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