Run meetings that lead to breakthroughs with InVision + Microsoft Teams

Meetings were never meant to be one-sided. Get everyone sharing with a whiteboard that does it all.

Meeting fatigue is real, but it’s not inevitable. InVision Freehand + Microsoft Teams is more than just a whiteboard. It’s a workboard for team collaboration and a springboard for fresh ideas. Now your entire team has access to an interactive canvas, right from the Microsoft Teams meeting stage, or can start a brand new Microsoft Teams meeting without leaving InVision.

Use InVision + Microsoft Teams to: 

  • Make meetings instantly more collaborative with interactive tools like sticky notes and emoji reactions
  • Stay focused and energized by bringing all your apps right into InVision, so you never have to go looking for the right tab again
  • Get everyone sharing with a whiteboard that anyone can add to, directly from the meeting stage
  • Save everything in one place, so you can keep the collaboration going after the meeting ends

Check out tried and tested InVision templates from Microsoft, and start leading meetings that energize and engage.

Get started:

  1. Select the Apps icon in the Microsoft Teams sidebar
  2. Search for InVision Freehand, and select the Add button
  3. Sign in with your InVision credentials, or sign-up to create a new account
  4. Now you’ll be able to add a new Freehand, or select an existing Freehand that everyone with editing access to the document can collaborate on

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