Find better solutions faster with InVision + Sketch

Share artboards and prototypes in a space that everyone can access. Simplify reviews, streamline your process, and find the way forward faster.

Your designs deserve a place that shows them off in the best light. Enter Craft Manager: InVision's plugin solution for Sketch files. Use Craft Manager for Sketch to sync artboards and prototypes so stakeholders can not just see what you’re building, but understand it in a purpose-built tool for inclusive collabroation—InVision. The Freehand canvas is the perfect place to invite teammates to review designs, share feedback, and to seamlessly do a design handoff.

Use InVision + Sketch, via Craft Manager, to: 

  • Share the screens you want to share—and only the screens you want to share. When your work is ready, sync your selected artboards to Freehand for collaborators to review.
  • Keep the team’s feedback in one place. Reviewers can use interactive tools like sticky notes and emoji reactions to share their thoughts, so nothing gets lost.
  • Present your work without needing to export or build a presentation. Create prototypes in Sketch, share with Freehand, and get some time back.

Use InVision + Sketch to bring visibility to design work and get more focused feedback. Simplify reviews and keep inputs organized, so you can get alignment and keep your projects moving forward.

Download the Craft plugins (by InVision) to get started.

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