Get more out of meetings with Zoom

Make your team’s meetings a time for connection, inspiration, and productivity.

No more view-only meetings! Run brainstorms, project kickoffs, workshops, design sprints, retros, and more in the flexible, visual Freehand canvas within the Zoom meeting stage.

Use the new Freehand app for Zoom to:

  • Create a more inclusive meeting space for attendees
  • Get decisions made quickly so meetings stay on time
  • Make meetings a time of team connection, creativity, and fun

Get started quickly with purpose-built templates, intuitive tools, and connected apps to fuel creative collaboration. All work stays in the Freehand canvas post-meeting so your team’s project momentum can continue async.

Get started:

  1. Install the Freehand app for Zoom.
  2. In a Zoom meeting, select the app in the My Apps tab.
  3. Follow the prompts to sign in to your InVision account.
  4. Click Create Freehand and present, or select an existing Freehand.
  5. Meeting attendees will get a notification, inviting them to collaborate on Freehand.
  6. Your team can now work together in the Freehand canvas in the meeting stage.

Collaborate in real time on a digital whiteboard