Sanjeev Katariya

As Chief Technology Officer of InVision, Sanjeev oversees InVision’s entire engineering team and sets the technical vision for our cloud-connected suite. He brings over 30 years of experience at top technology and internet companies.

Prior to InVision, Sanjeev was eBay’s VP and Chief Architect of e-commerce Platforms and AI where he led the company's global architecture, AI and full technology stack. He also acted as the technical head for all Mergers and Acquisitions and led ebay to join global initiatives including the Partnership on AI and MIT Solve. 

Before that, Sanjeev spent 24 years at Microsoft dedicated to architecture, science and engineering, including 14 years as an executive leader (Partner) where Sanjeev delivered multi-billion dollar product lines like the first versions of Windows NT, MSN, and MSN Search, and later on Microsoft Cloud Dynamics and Microsoft Teams. Sanjeev holds over 40+ patents and he has most recently published research in VLDB.