InVision Announcement

ADPList Launches Design4Change

Apr 22, 2021

Empowering Designers to Volunteer and Give Back. Funded by InVision’s Design Forward Fund, Design4Change connects designers with non-profits who need their digital skills.

The Amazing Design People List (ADPList), a community of digital product designers matching experienced mentors with up-and-coming junior designers, today announced the launch of its new project Design4Change, a pioneering program empowering in-demand digital product designers to donate their time and expertise to non-profits serving the greater good. InVision—the collaboration platform used to create the world’s innovative customer experiences, with more than seven million users across 60,000 companies and all of the Fortune 100—underwrote the ADPList through it’s Design Forward Fund alongside  research that uncovered how,in the throes of COVID, nearly a quarter of designers dream about leaving their positions to contribute  social good.

Designers who want to support projects and non-profits looking for digital design support can sign up here. The full list of programs can be found here.

“We formed the ADPList because of an unmet need for up-and-comers in the design and product world to connect with more established mentors, which has been such a challenge in 2020 across the globe ,” said Felix Lee, a Singapore-based designer who, along with, James Badour, a Ghana-based designer, founded ADPList. “The more than 3,000 people in our network want to look out for one another. So it was only natural that this same community also wants to help the wider world. That was the impetus for Design4Change.”

In order to be eligible for free services from Design4Change, projects must align with one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Early organizations taking part include:

  • Beat the Streets Wrestling, which develops the full human and athletic potential of urban youth through wrestling.
  • Brooklyn Arts Exchange, a nurturing, year-round performance, rehearsal, and educational venue encouraging artistic risk-taking.
  • Chess in the Schools, which fosters the intellectual and social development of low-income youth through chess education.
  • Common Denominator, which offers free one-to-one math tutoring to New York City kids.
  • Fiver Children’s Foundation, a comprehensive youth development organization that makes a 10-year commitment to children from underserved communities.
  • IMPACCT Brooklyn, a community development corporation committed to helping residents build and sustain flourishing communities.
  • KindWork, which helps talented young adults from overlooked communities transform their economic outlook and launch new careers in the innovation economy.
  • The Pearl Safe Haven, which provides a safe place where women and children who have suffered abuse are supported to rebuild their lives and fulfill their potential.

“InVision has served the design community for the past 10 years with our platform, our content and education, and our community focus. Our investment in Design4Change is the latest from our $5 million Design Forward Fund, dedicated to investing in the future of design and everyone who plays a role in digital product teams,” said Brian Kardon, Chief Marketing Officer at InVision. “We continually hear from this community and the stakeholders they collaborate with that they want to use their skills to help others and to serve organizations who cannot afford their services. InVision is honored to have played a role in setting up Design4Change and giving designers the avenue to serve that they need to feel fulfilled, as well as access to our latest software to remove friction in the process of collaborating across geographies.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic created severe difficulty for the world and for our community,” said ADP List cofounder Mr. Lee. “Yet it also showed us the extent to which all of us are connected, that anything that is a danger to one is a danger to all. It reminded us that we must use what skills we have to help those we can. James and I believe Design4Change will give designers an important new outlet to help repair the world.”


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