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Freehand named leading Visual Collaboration tool by the Product School

Oct 14, 2022

October 14, 2022 — InVision, the leading visual collaboration platform, announced today that Freehand was recognized as a category winner for Visual Collaboration at the fifth annual Proddy Awards, hosted by the Product School.

“With InVision Freehand, we've seen organizations connect more deeply whether they're wireframing and journey mapping, doing product reviews and design handoffs or simply running their weekly meetings,” says Jeff Chow, CEO, InVision. “Cross-functional teams have embraced a democratized space where they can equally contribute towards a common goal regardless of location. This level of inclusivity has been the benchmark of a new and better way of working.”

InVision is a no-code platform that you can use to build your own world:

  • A canvas as your virtual room: Easy to add anything on a canvas to have teams engage both in real-time or async. It integrates with all of the specialized tools you use most.
  • Spaces that give context to projects and enable the curation of all the artifacts of a project no matter which tool they live in.
  • Purpose-built templates. Easily address any business process through purpose-built templates optimized for those steps
  • Pricing that scales more effectively and encourages collaboration.Unlike other visual collaboration tools, Freehand offers all of the critical features at half the cost of competitors. Democratize collaboration by giving everyone a seat at the table. Collaboration shouldn’t be dependent on a line item in the budget.
  • Easier to use than other tools. Freehand’s intuitive interface makes it easy to jump in and get started. No learning curve, no barrier to entry.
  • Integrations with the tools you use most. All of the tools that your teams use daily integrate seamlessly into Freehand; Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams, Asana, Jira, Azure, Slack, Figma, Sketch…just to name a few.

Teams need a place to do the messy work. To come to the table, to ideate, to actually collaborate. Don’t get held back by the high cost of tools that are designed to bring the whole company together to do the messy work. Try InVision Freehand today.

About InVision

InVision is the transformative collaboration platform for all the work you do. Our flagship product, Freehand, is a collaborative canvas that makes work more connected, creative, inclusive, and impactful. We are now the place for teams of all kinds to come together, get organized, meet, brainstorm, and push work forward. Evolve your team’s collaborative intelligence today.


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