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InVision Announces Integration with Webex, Enabling Secure, Creative Collaboration

Mar 22, 2022

March 22, 2022InVision, a collaborative online whiteboarding and productivity platform that powers the workflows of more than 9 million users and is trusted by 100% of the Fortune 100, has launched a new integration with Webex. InVision Freehand now works seamlessly within Webex’s suite of video, cloud calling, and screen sharing products, empowering inclusive, engaging collaboration. Now Webex users can collaborate on a new or existing Freehand canvas within the meeting stage, enabling real productivity and results.

When in a Webex meeting, teams can now use InVision Freehand to share an existing collaborative whiteboard with meeting attendees or create a new one in real time. Any meeting attendee can share a Freehand, and all meeting attendees can actively engage on the digital canvas from within the meeting stage—no need to switch to your browser and divide your focus between the meeting and collaborative whiteboard doc. All contributions in the Freehand are automatically saved, so teammates can then view and continue to work on the canvas post-meeting.

Backed by enterprise-ready security, the Freehand app for Webex is ideal for any moment of collaboration in Webex, including brainstorms, project kickoffs, workshops, design sprints, retros, and more.

“The ability to seamlessly transition from real-time and async collaboration is critical to solving modern challenges such as burnout caused by increased context switching, meeting disengagement and disconnection, and lack of visibility into cross-functional work," said Jeff Chow, Chief Product Officer at InVision. "With InVision and Webex, everyone can contribute their ideas right in the canvas. Gone are the days of ‘view-only’ meetings where one person presents and everyone else watches. Interacting together in a secure, creative, and meaningful way has never been easier.”

"The Webex Embedded Apps framework enables users to access third-party apps directly within the Webex application,” said Anurag Dhingra, CTO, Webex by Cisco. “With InVision Freehand, creative users can share canvases with colleagues – enlivening the entire collaboration experience.”

About InVision

InVision is the transformative collaboration platform for all the work you do. Our flagship product, Freehand, is a collaborative canvas that makes work more connected, creative, inclusive, and impactful.  We are now the place for teams of all kinds to come together, get organized, meet, brainstorm, and push work forward.

Evolve your team’s collaborative intelligence today. Try InVision Freehand for Webex.


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