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Microsoft Teams & InVision Freehand: Powering the future of Collaborative Intelligence

Dec 15, 2021

December 15, 2021InVision, the transformative collaboration platform powering more than 9 million users and trusted by 100% of the Fortune 100, has launched a new partnership with Microsoft Teams. These new integrations allow teams to harness the collaborative power of InVision Freehand directly inside Microsoft Teams to make meetings more interactive and engaging. Design, Product, and Engineering teams can also streamline workflows and make handoffs seamless with InVision Prototypes, Specs, and more.

“Inclusive collaboration is a critical challenge of the hybrid work environment,” said Jeff Chow, Senior Vice President of Product at InVision. “The methods that work in person are not guaranteed to work online. This exciting partnership unlocks a level of collaboration that is not just about seeing one another; it’s about fueling each other. We built Freehand to be the product that all teams need to transform the way people work together.”

Seamlessly share a Freehand within Teams to give everyone a voice during meetings, helping:

  • Elevate diverse viewpoints: Empower every teammate to add their ideas and perspectives
  • Ignite creative momentum: Watch the energy and inspiration build
  • Keep the focus: Remove distractions to get important decisions made in less time

“Whether people work in design, marketing, human resources, IT, or any other craft, they all share the same challenge — collaborating with others in a hybrid or remote work environment,” said Stephanie Mencarelli, VP, Design at InVision. “Our research was clear: People are struggling with constant distractions and back-to-back meetings. We designed Freehand to overcome these challenges and empower inclusive collaboration and connection.”

You can collaborate with key stakeholders outside of your organization in real-time, too. With Teams, add stakeholders and guests, and anyone without a license can join a Teams meeting. Similarly, with Freehand, you can easily manage all levels of access for external stakeholders to Freehand. This is perfect for facilitating live workshops and project reviews.

InVision customers include 100% of the Fortune 100, and organizations including American Express, Adidas, Boeing, Ford Motor, Netflix, HBO, Ikea, Slack, and Virgin Atlantic.

Microsoft Teams users can bring Freehand to their meetings right away — see how here. To learn more about Freehand, please visit our website.


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