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InVision Releases Enhancements to Freehand & Spaces, Empowering Team Collaboration

Feb 15, 2022

February 15, 2022 — With distributed, remote, and hybrid work posing unprecedented collaboration challenges for organizations of all sizes, InVision has launched groundbreaking enhancements to its platform with its Freehand infinite canvas and Spaces hub. Together, these tools ensure every piece of the cross-functional creation process – including documents, tools, timelines, and even teammates themselves – are woven into a single collaborative workspace.

InVision, a transformative collaboration platform, powers the workflows of more than 9 million users and is trusted by 100% of the Fortune 100. In addition to its own document types, Invision supports external content and documents from partners like Google and Microsoft. An upcoming native integration with Zoom enables a fully interactive Freehand experience. Newly introduced smart widgets bring further utility to projects, making work even more enjoyable and frictionless from ideation to completion. All of these improvements culminate in a more transparent, inclusive, and dynamic collaborative experience.

Together, Freehand and Spaces solve three of the most pressing challenges for the modern worker: tool sprawl, document organization, and meeting overload.

“Every industry and team is experiencing the same dilemma: distributed work comes with enormous benefits, but the whole experiment will crumble if teammates cannot collaborate effectively and, ultimately, innovate,” said Jeff Chow, Chief Product Officer at InVision, “We built Freehand and Spaces so that teams can do so much more than simply ‘see’ each other – they can visually collaborate with each other on a shared, real-time surface.”

New features and improvements to the InVision platform include:

  • The New Spaces: A secure, single source of truth for projects, enabling teammates to easily organize and locate the documents that matter most for any initiative.
  • Smart Widgets: Freehand’s new Boards and Cards Smart Widgets enable teams to take ideas and turn them into action. A Jira smart widget allows users to convert sticky notes into live Jira tickets in seconds, which can be managed in-canvas with an interactive Kanban board.
  • Deeper Video Conferencing Integrations: Freehand helps turn every meeting into an opportunity for collaboration. InVision recently partnered with Microsoft to bring Freehand into Microsoft Teams. InVision’s upcoming native integration with Zoom will enable a fully interactive Freehand experience.
  • Templates for All: With over 100 new templates, Freehand enables teams across the organization to easily get work started, from product design to HR, marketing, IT, and much more.
  • Collaborative Presentations: Freehand empowers teams to create a focused narrative within its infinite canvas. Presentations become more than a static set of slides; they encourage feedback and team participation.
  • Simplification for Inclusivity: Freehand’s simplified user experience includes a streamlined toolbar, better onboarding support, and a full orientation experience for new users.

As one of the earliest, fully distributed workforces, InVision has pioneered the art of innovative collaboration for over a decade and has continued to evolve into the go-to platform for the future of work. 

“Research shows that inclusive, collaborative teams move faster and make better, more creative decisions,” said Clark Valberg, Founder and CEO of InVision. “InVision’s latest evolution takes everything we’ve learned working with the world’s most innovative Design and Product teams and extends those insights to every department throughout the modern Enterprise. With 47% of the world’s knowledge workers expected to be operating in hybrid or distributed environments in 2022, “Collaborative Intelligence” has never been a more critical success factor. The Future of Work is upon us, and InVision’s mission is to provide every organization the collaboration tools needed to unlock its full potential.”

InVision provides those tools. And with the collaborative power of Freehand and Spaces, customers can now unify their existing toolsets, while making work more productive, inclusive, and impactful.

About InVision: InVision is the transformative collaboration platform for all the work you do. Our flagship product, Freehand, is a collaborative canvas that makes work more connected, creative, inclusive, and impactful. We are now the place for teams of all kinds to come together, get organized, meet, brainstorm, and push work forward. Evolve your team’s collaborative intelligence today. Try InVision—Free.


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