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InVision & Photoshop

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Go from Photoshop to prototype

In 5 simple steps

1. Design in Photoshop

Work your usual magic, then save it out as JPGs, GIFs, or PNGs. Or better yet, just upload your PSDs.

2. Add to InVision

Now you can drag and drop those files into InVision. Or speed things up by syncing with Dropbox, Box, or InVision Sync. That way, your prototypes will update automatically—every time you hit Save.

3. Create fully functional experiences

Here's where the magic happens. Just switch into Build Mode, draw hotspots wherever you want a link, and tell it where to go. In minutes you'll have a fully interactive prototype without a single line of code.

4. Gather feedback and iterate

Share your prototype with stakeholders so they can comment right on your screens. Then make your updates, knowing InVision's capturing every version, so it's easy to revert or reference old versions.

5. Collaborate worldwide. In real time.

With LiveShare PS, our free Photoshop plugin, you can present designs, whiteboard with collaborators, and gather feedback via voice chat or comments—right inside Photoshop.

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