Screen Design. Supercharged.

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Screen Design. Supercharged.

Craft is a plugin for Sketch that revolutionizes your design process. Manage the plugins via Craft for incredibly easy updating.


your Sketch designs to InVision for superior prototyping.

  • Immediate

    Seamlessly connect your design and prototyping workflow in just a click.

  • Efficient

    No more drag-and-drop hassle. Less mistakes means less frustration.

  • In-Screen

    Send your work to InVision without ever leaving your design environment.

  • Inspect

    Help developers get design measurements, colors, and more


Build interactive prototypes with your real design files.

  • Native

    Build clickable prototypes right inside your design environment.

  • Connected

    Sync with a click to send your prototypes to InVision.

  • Interactive

    Link artboards with interactive hotspots.

  • Collaborative

    Get rapid feedback from your team in real-time.


One place to create, maintain, and evolve your design system.

  • Available

    Cloud storage and versioning for your design system, with role-based permissions.

  • Documented

    Share your design system, with documentation and code, using a secure web link.

  • Design-to-code

    An API for programmatic access to colors, text styles, and icons.

  • Built in

    Access and update your design system right from Sketch.


The ultimate plugin to bring real data to your design.


  • Relevant

    Pull real content from a range of sources and place it directly in your design.

  • Customizable

    Pull from the web, public APIs, or your own files.

  • Fast

    Accelerate your workflow by placing data with a single click.

  • Powerful

    Pair Data’s power with Craft’s other plugins to supercharge your design.


  • Contextual

    Grab and place text and images from real, live websites.

  • Real

    Use true values, and stop wasting time with Lorem ipsum.

  • Nimble

    Add content to every layer all at once.

  • Efficient

    Place content at lightning speed.


  • Valuable

    Pull true API content into your designs.

  • Robust

    Use the power of real, deep data in every single design.

  • Agile

    Assign specific JSON values to each individual layer.

  • Enterprise-ready

    Use your own organization’s API values for ultra-relevant design.

Transformative collaboration for all the work you do