Collaboration shouldn’t cost so much. Discover why brands prefer InVision vs Mural.

If collaboration is all about giving everyone a seat at the table, why should a seat be so expensive? To collaborate inclusively, you need to get your whole team on the same canvas. InVision Freehand offers all the most important features, at a fraction of the cost of Mural.

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Find out why teams are using InVision vs Mural to power their collaboration at scale.

  • Photo for Jenifer M.Photo for Jenifer M.
    Jenifer M.
    Senior Analyst
    Accenture Federal Services
    “I find InVision Freehand to be a bit more user-friendly than MURAL…. It’s perfect for collaboration and brainstorming!”
  • Photo for Art S.Photo for Art S.
    Art S.
    Digital Media & Advertising Professor
    Temple University
    “There are a lot of whiteboarding tools out there…. InVision Freehand bests all of them through a reliable platform we’ve trusted for years.”
  • Photo for Anna M.Photo for Anna M.
    Anna M.
    Brand Strategist
    Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
    “It’s become my go-to tool for collaboration.... if there’s any chance I can work in InVision Freehand, I’m there! ”
  • Photo for Josh C.Photo for Josh C.
    Josh C.
    Product Design Manager
    Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
    “I would highly recommend using Freehand. One of the easiest team collaboration tools I’ve ever used.”

5 reasons why customers tell us they chose InVision Freehand over Mural

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1. Better value, with better flexibility

With budgets tightening, a flexible pricing model that suits your needs is only the beginning. InVision has all of the features your teams use the most, at a price-per-seat that’s half the cost of Mural.

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2. No learning curve required

Cross-team collaboration shouldn’t mean crossed wires. Simplicity is at the heart of what we do, and InVision Freehand makes it easy for teams to collaborate on any project – no design expertise required.

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3. Trusted by 100% of the Fortune 100

Unlock your team’s best ideas, effortlessly, with the digital workspace used by some of the world’s largest companies. With InVision, you’re in good company.

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4. Consolidate tools, streamline your workflow

When it’s time to run your meeting, brainstorm, wireframe, or collect feedback, why switch tools? If you’re already using InVision to power your design workflow, consolidate your tools and keep everything in one spot.

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5. Design to Engineering workflow, in one spot

Embed InVision and Figma prototypes as well as Sketch, Adobe XD and Figma screens, all right on the same canvas for reviews, feedback, presentations and hand-off. Unlike Mural, Prototypes are playable, and screens are inspectable.

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All of the critical features, half the price

  • Access an always-updating Template Gallery

    The InVision Freehand Template Gallery is full of 200 pre-made templates from leading brands like Xbox, Amazon, and American Express – and growing every day. From design to development and everything in between, you’ll find a template that works for you.

  • Integrate with the tools your team knows and loves

    InVision Freehand is purpose-built for, and powered by, collaboration. Our platform seamlessly integrates with the tools your team is already using, helping teams stay connected to everything, and ready for anything.

  • Guest permissions made easy

    If your work isn’t limited to your organization, your collaboration shouldn’t be either. Easily share designs outside of your team with contractors or clients for 48 hours, giving you plenty of time to collect feedback and get to work on the next great iteration.

The tool that lets you hear from everyone — except the finance team.