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At InVision we're always striving to grow and evolve the collaboration ecosystem—and to do that, we need your point of view. To get paid for sharing your experiences, start by filling out the screener.

Fill out the screener

How does this whole thing work?

After you fill out the screener, we'll determine whether you're a good fit for any of the research projects we're working on, now or in the future. If you are, we'll send you an email with more details and schedule a time to meet via Zoom. Alternatively, you may be selected for a survey, in which case you'll receive a link.

  • Get compensated

    First, we offer compensation for many research activities. The amount varies by research session, and the details will be included in an email invitation.

  • Shape the future of design

    Second, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your contribution is leading to better design and better products!

  • Be the first-to-know

    Finally, you’ll also be the first to learn about super secret (and super cool) things we’re working on (though you will be asked to sign an NDA, so don’t go telling your press friends just yet) and will be first on the list to try out new features and products.

Okay, but I still have questions.

  • What if I don’t use InVision? What if I only use it sometimes? What if I used it and stopped?

    Don’t worry! We love learning from people who work with all kinds of tools. Whether InVision is part of your tool stack or not, we can learn a lot from you.

  • Do I need to be based in the U.S.?

    Nope. We’re a global community, and we work to make sure we’re representing people from all over the world. Thanks to the magic of video conferencing, we can have great conversations no matter where you are.

  • How will my feedback be used?

    Your thoughts and feedback will be used to inform new and existing products at InVision. We will incorporate your feedback as part of how we design, strategize, or position our work. What we hear from you forms the backbone of what we build.

  • What will you do with my personal information?

    InVision is committed to protecting any data you share with us in this form and in any interview activity. More about our commitment to privacy can be found in the InVision Privacy Policy.

  • What if I fill out the screener or confirm an invitation but change my mind about participating?

    No worries. While we’d love to hear from you, we all know things change. To opt out, either unsubscribe from our emails or contact us at

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