Try Freehand, the online whiteboard designed to transform how your team collaborates. Integrates with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Sketch & Photoshop.

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InVision Cloud–built to keep you and your team organized. You’ll find seamless organization, simple team management, and features …

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Design System Manager

InVision Design System Manager connects design and code so teams can work smarter, faster, and more in sync.

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The world’s best companies use InVision Enterprise to build better products, faster. Get to great design faster and deliver …

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The world’s most powerful screen design tool. Rapid prototyping, animation, built-in design systems, and collaboration—all in one …

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Is the term organization outdated? Seth Godin makes a strong case

Seth Godin — entrepreneur, marketer extraordinaire, best-selling author, and teacher— discusses the difference between organizations vs. organisms and shares ideas …

Careers, DesignBetter.Co, Leadership

The importance of investing in ‘innovation deserts,’ according to Black Ambition’s Felecia Hatcher

Have you ever heard of innovation deserts? Felecia Hatcher tells us all about it on the Design Better podcast.


How to build an inclusive team with introverts, ambiverts, and extroverts

Inclusive, intelligent collaboration is all about having different team members draw from their expertise and unique experiences to put forth …


Organize your mind’s way of thinking with mind maps

InVision’s Mind Map Guide and free Mind Map Template for Freehand, the digital whiteboard, is the perfect place to …

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Customer Stories

7M people transform their businesses with InVision

Learn how thousands of companies from all industries, including 100% of the Fortune 100, partner with InVision to create the …

How Zendesk used InVision to launch the Thank You Machine

Discover how Zendesk used InVision and the strength of its brand to spread digital gratitude and empathy with its inclusive …


How WPP partnered with InVision to scale creativity

Discover how WPP partnered with InVision to scale creativity across the globe.

IndustryProfessional services, Ecommerce, Advertising, Public relations

How Which? solved design debt with InVision

Learn how Which? partners with InVision to help designers and engineers solve their most pressing UX issues.

IndustryNon-profit, Consumer review

Freehand Templates

Work Prioritization Matrix Template

Prioritize your work to-do list based on urgency and effort with the Work Prioritization Matrix template. Available on our …

By InVisionStrategy and Planning, Designer, Marketer, Product Manager, Researcher

Wireframe Template

This free wireframe template will help you create an app wireframe or website wireframe as part of your UX design …

By InVisionBrainstorming, Wireframes and Flowcharts, Designer, Marketer, Product Manager

What? So what? Now what? Template

Guide your team through a project reflection with the What? So what? Now what? template. Available on our free online …

By InVisionEffective Meetings, Designer, Marketer, Product Manager, Researcher

What’s On Your Radar? Template

Prioritize ideas according to importance and relevance using the What's On Your Radar template. Available on our free online …

By InVisionBrainstorming, Strategy and Planning, Designer, Marketer, Product Manager

Design Resources

Virtual reality icon pack | InVision

Swipe this free pack of colorful virtual and augmented reality icons for your next design project.

Free, custom travel & landmark icon pack | InVision

Grab this free, flat-line ecommerce icon pack for your next product design project.

Get TETHR, a free mobile app UI kit from InVision | InVision

Download TETHR, a free mobile app UI kit that will make your mobile prototyping process quick and easy.

Kickstart your next Studio prototype with the iOS UI Kit | InVision

Quickly create iOS mockups using the Studio iOS UI Kit.

InVision for Managers

Learn about tools and best practices for successfully managing your team.

InVision for Developers

Learn to streamline the design-to-code process.

InVision for Designers

Learn everything you need to know to start improving your design workflow.

Getting started with InVision Enterprise V7

InVision Enterprise provides a connected workflow that brings together the tools, people and processes needed to build great digital experiences at scale.

Wireframing: An essential field guide | InVision

Wireframing is an early, essential step in translating a complex idea into reality. Whether you are experienced or a beginner …

The 5x5 Guide to Online Brainstorming | InVision

Brainstorming online is easy. With Freehand, it's easier. Check out InVision's 5x5 Guide to Online Brainstorming - it's …

Recruiting: An Online Whiteboarding Handbook | InVision

Unleash your recruiting & talent acquisition potential with a digital whiteboard through these key considerations to set your company apart throughout …

The Future of Work: A conversation with Forrester | InVision

InVision's Chief Product Officer, Jeff Chow, sat down with guest speaker, James McQuivey, Vice President and Research Director of …

InVisions 2022 Trend Report | InVision

Check out InVisions 2022 Trend Report to look behind the numbers and holistic trends among teams at modern organizations and …

2021 Design Leader Salary Report | InVision

The 2021 Design Leader Salary Report by InVision sets a new benchmark for design lead compensation: what it costs to …

Report: Design Maturity Analysis: How FinServs Stack Up | InVision | InVision

Design maturity is the top priority for financial services in 2021. Read our new report to learn how FinServs can …

Greg Hoffman: Creativity is a team sport

We chat with Greg Hoffman, author of Emotion by Design and former Chief Marketing Officer of Nike, about how his …

Felecia Hatcher: Moments of enchantment

We speak with Felecia Hatcher, CEO of Black Ambition, about the perpetual growth and achievement across her career, what she …

Dr. Sian Proctor: Building common languages

We chat with astronaut, geoscientist, and artist Dr. Sian Proctor about topics ranging from imposter syndrome, to learning to speak …

IBM’s Katrina Alcorn: Developing partnerships

We chat with Katrina Alcorn, General Manager of Design at IBM, about the challenges that large teams face in remote …


Zack Onisko: blending design and business to create community

As the CEO of Dribbble, Zack Onisko is helping pave the way for other designers by building a rich community …

Featuring Zack Onisko, CEO, Dribbble

Vicki Tan: designing for mindfulness

The challenges of designing for a meditation app on the device known for sidetracking you throughout the day can be …

Featuring Vicki Tan, Lead Product Designer, Headspace

Socializing Design Systems as a Product at Upwork

InVision's Rebecca Kerr spoke with Upwork design leaders Dan Donovan, Kenny Hopper, and Roman Vasiutin, to understand their approach …

Featuring Dan Donovan (VP of Design and UX), with Kenny Hopper (Director of Product Design, Design Systems), and Roman Vasiutin (UI/UX Designer), Upwork

Timnit Gebru: Machine learning, bias, and product design

Timnit talks about opportunities for designers in AI, algorithmic bias, and some of her recent research using computer vision and …

Featuring Timnit Gebru, Postdoctoral Researcher, Microsoft

Transformation By Design | InVision

Transformation by Design is a documentary film by InVision that explores how digital transformation is bringing design closer to the …

The Loop | InVision

InVision presents THE LOOP, a short documentary on IBM's enterprise design thinking transformation, featuring candid interviews with design leaders.

Squads - A Documentary | InVision

Squads is a 45-min documentary film that goes under the hood of the modern product team, or “squad,” to …

Design Disruptors | InVision

Get a sneak peek of @InVisionapp's new documentary DESIGN DISRUPTORS featuring @twitter, @google, @airbnb and more!

InVision Freehand Introduces Definitive Templates from AWS, Asana, Atlassian, Xbox, and Others | InVision

InVision partners with global organizations and design leaders to launch more than a dozen new templates for Freehand, and reimagine …

InVision Announces Integration with Webex, Enabling Secure, Creative Collaboration | InVision

InVision, a collaborative online whiteboarding and productivity platform, has launched a new integration with Webex.

Webby Award 2021 | InVision

InVision announced today that it has been named the Best Apps and Software: Productivity & Collaboration in the 25th Annual Webby …

Greetings, Earthlings. Let’s play Freehand Royale! | InVision

It’s time for intergalactic domination. Now through April 5th, play Freehand Royale in InVision Freehand, our online whiteboard, and …

Create this or that polls in Freehand

Use the This or That add-on to get a quick decision between two options. Looking to choose a team …

Product Documentation > Freehand > Add-ons and Integrations

Create a poll in Freehand

Use the Poll add-on to create interactive polls with two-plus options. Looking to choose a team bonding activity …

Product Documentation > Freehand > Add-ons and Integrations

Create a chart in Freehand

Use the Chart add-on to create custom bar charts in Freehand. Charts make it easier to visualize numbers and …

Product Documentation > Freehand > Add-ons and Integrations

Create a spinner in Freehand

Use the Spinner add-on with your team for a quick and fun way to choose someone. Can't decide …

Product Documentation > Freehand > Add-ons and Integrations

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