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Connect your workflows: Slack and Google Calendar, now integrated with Freehand

Teams far and wide have been witness to the collaborative power of InVision Freehand. It’s the place to run …

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8 templates to create an effective action plan

Eight templates to help you develop an effective and actionable plan for your next project.


Run better design reviews and keep feedback all in one place with Freehand + Figma

With the InVision plug-in, users can do all of their design work in Figma but collaborate cross-functionally directly …

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7 seasons of lessons in collaboration — all in one book

Effective collaboration is difficult, especially in an era where teams are increasingly faced with the challenges of remote and hybrid …


Streamline workflows with InVision and project management tools Asana, Trello and Jira

To create a more inclusive, visual and collaborative project planning process, InVision built an integration with some of their most …

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How do you problem solve?

Whether your team is struggling to come up with the next great idea for a product or is stuck on …


8 Freehand templates to improve meetings

Check out these meeting templates for Freehand to structure your meetings, save time, and align your team.

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Is the term organization outdated? Seth Godin makes a strong case

Seth Godin — entrepreneur, marketer extraordinaire, best-selling author, and teacher— discusses the difference between organizations vs. organisms and shares ideas …

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The importance of investing in ‘innovation deserts,’ according to Black Ambition’s Felecia Hatcher

Have you ever heard of innovation deserts? Felecia Hatcher tells us all about it on the Design Better podcast.


How to build an inclusive team with introverts, ambiverts, and extroverts

Inclusive, intelligent collaboration is all about having different team members draw from their expertise and unique experiences to put forth …


Organize your mind’s way of thinking with mind maps

InVision’s Mind Map Guide and free Mind Map Template for Freehand, the digital whiteboard, is the perfect place to …

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How to use team health checks to get a handle on the feels

Mark Boyes-Smith shares how he uses the Team Health Check template for monthly team meetings. Read more about it …

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Facilitate collaboration and create team alignment with a project kickoff

Start your project off by getting everyone on the same page with a project kickoff. With the Project Kickoff Template …

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How the workforce has adapted to remote work for the better

A positive remote working environment is crucial. Learn about vital, adaptable skills that can make or break distributed teams.

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Hundreds of new Emojis in Freehand 🙌🏽 just in time for World Emoji Day

Here’s why emojis are essential in honest, efficient, and emotional communication as well as some innovative ways to incorporate …

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4 ways autonomous work drives creativity on Credit Suisse’s global design team

Discover how design leaders at Credit Suisse build a culture of autonomous productivity — aided by collaborative technology.

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