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How asynchronous work made Spotify’s Vicki Tan better at her job

Vicki Tan has leveraged her background in psychology at companies that have changed the way we travel, think about our …

2021, Careers, Remote work

This is the biggest problem that will result from hybrid work

Here’s what you can do — right now –– to avoid it right now

Collaboration, Remote work

How to negotiate a higher salary, according to a leading executive search expert

Judy Wert has guided many leaders through navigating career changes, and she stopped by season six of the Design Better …

2021, Careers, DesignBetter.Co

4 new ways Freehand helps you cut down on digital distractions

These new Freehand features will help you stay better connected with your colleagues and see better workflows as a result.

2021, Collaboration

5 new Freehand updates to enhance your workflows

New to Freehand: Timer, add live content, all your comments all in one place.

Marketing, Product Updates

Try PayPal’s ‘Conscious Design Canvas’ to build more inclusive products

Ben Evans, PayPal’s director of product inclusion, shares his method on challenging biases.

2021, Accessibility, Collaboration, Design, Inspiration

The difference in design and engineer thinking, according to author Scott Berkun

Understanding and working through the difference starts with effective leadership, says Scott Berkun, the author of How Design Makes the …

2021, Collaboration, DesignBetter.Co

How BMO Financial builds efficient multi-product design systems

BMO Financial's design system powers and connects a growing subsystem network, scaling organization to benefit the global company.

Design, Design Systems, Design systems, Teams

How to better collaborate with teammates across locations and time zones

Experts from Asana and InVision Freehand share how you can use their tools to help organize, track, and manage your …

2021, Collaboration, Remote work

How design is fueling Ford’s massive transformation

Curious to learn how design and innovation help Ford stay ahead of transformative trends, we brought Sandy Fershee, lab director …

Collaboration, Design, DesignBetter.Co

3 tips for better hybrid collaboration using Microsoft Teams and Freehand

As part of InVision’s Picture the Future series, InVision’s Jeff Chow recently sat down with Clint Williams, principal …


The most-loved Freehand templates, according to people like you

A top-five countdown of the Freehand templates that have illuminated and improved your daily cross-functional communications, context on …


V7 product updates: Q2 2021

This month, we’re excited to share Figma libraries in DSM and new protoype features!

2021, News, Product Updates

V6 product updates: Q2 2021

This month, we’re excited to share better sharing features in Freehand and design tokens in Sketch!

News, Product Updates

The best leadership advice this former-NASA CTO ever received

Chris Kemp, the co-founder and CEO of Astra, a start-up creating an affordable space launch platform, has some …

2021, DesignBetter.Co, Leadership

5 proven ways to run your best remote design sprint

Want to run your best and most inclusive design sprint yet? Use these five practical tips from Jay Melone, innovation …

Design sprints, Remote work

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