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Zack Onisko: blending design and business to create community

As the CEO of Dribbble, Zack Onisko is helping pave the way for other designers by building a rich community …

Featuring Zack Onisko, CEO, Dribbble

Vicki Tan: designing for mindfulness

The challenges of designing for a meditation app on the device known for sidetracking you throughout the day can be …

Featuring Vicki Tan, Lead Product Designer, Headspace

Socializing Design Systems as a Product at Upwork

InVision's Rebecca Kerr spoke with Upwork design leaders Dan Donovan, Kenny Hopper, and Roman Vasiutin, to understand their approach …

Featuring Dan Donovan (VP of Design and UX), with Kenny Hopper (Director of Product Design, Design Systems), and Roman Vasiutin (UI/UX Designer), Upwork

Timnit Gebru: Machine learning, bias, and product design

Timnit talks about opportunities for designers in AI, algorithmic bias, and some of her recent research using computer vision and …

Featuring Timnit Gebru, Postdoctoral Researcher, Microsoft

Rachel Gogel: Exploring East vs. West Coast design at Godfrey Dadich Partners

We chat with Rachel Gogel about her perspectives on East Coast vs. West Coast design, getting better at critical feedback …

Featuring Rachel Gogel, Creative Director, Godfrey Dadich Partners

Mayra Vega: the intentional designer-developer pair

Read Pivotal Labs Design Manager Mayra Vega’s Design Better Conversation on fostering the collaboration of design and development

Featuring Mayra Vega, Design Manager, Pivotal Labs

Mark Rogers: Radical collaboration and innovation at Capital One

We chat with Mark about how he uses design thinking methodologies in a cross-training approach with other non-competitive …

Featuring Mark Rogers, Sr. Product Manager, Capital One

Marissa Louie: inside the creative process that led to a winning product

When it came to toys, Marissa Louie thought she had seen it all—until she started sketching and experimenting with …

Featuring Marissa Louie, CEO & Chief Designer, Animoodles

Lucy List: Building accessible design systems at TELUS Digital

Lucy List shares her strategies in making their design system more available for the telecommunication company’s diverse range of …

Featuring Lucy List, User Researcher and Design Strategist, TELUS Digital

Kristin Youngling: Designing with data at Ogilvy

We chat with Kristin Youngling about the data strategy team at Ogilvy and how it influences the way they approach …

Featuring Kristin Youngling, Senior Director of Data Strategy, Ogilvy

Kim Fellman: Managing the Design Experience team at Pinterest

We chat with Kim about the Design Experience team, and how they go about educating the broader company about design.

Featuring Kim Fellman, Design Experience Lead, Pinterest

Kate Hanisian: Designing for social good at Design Impact

We speak with Kate Hanisian about how she uses design to have an impact on underserved communities.

Featuring Kate Hanisian, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Design Impact

John Allsopp: the consequences of the web

We speak with John Allsopp, who was involved with the early web and now runs the Web Directions conference, and …

Featuring John Allsopp, Author & conference organizer

Joe Toscano: the ethics of big data

In this interview with Joe Toscano, author, speaker, and founder of Design Good, we talk about ambient computing, the ethics …

Featuring Joe Toscano, Design Good Founder

Joanna Peña-Bickley: Useful, usable, and magical

We chat with Joanna about designing more magical IoT experiences, getting more young women into design and technology, and learning …

Featuring Joanna Peña-Bickley, Head of Design, Internet of Things, Amazon

Jeremy Faludi: exploring sustainable design beyond 3D printers

Could smashed pecan shells be as useful and strong as ABS plastic? That’s just one of the things Jeremy …

Featuring Jeremy Faludi, Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College

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