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Collaborative IQ: How to lead in product management during uncertain times

Join InVision’s Eli Woolery for an engaging conversation with …

TypeVirtual events, TopicsCollaboration, Leadership

InVision + Figma: A perfect match

Learn more about how InVision Freehand plays a critical role …

TypeWebinars, TopicsVisual Collaboration, Product Design Trends, Effective Meetings, DesignOps, Collaboration

Collaborate Better: Raising your collaborative intelligence

Learn more about our new Collaborate Better handbook during this …

TypeVirtual events, TopicsCollaboration, Leadership, Strategy & Planning, Visual Collaboration

The superpowers of design tokens

Join InVision’s Mark Boyes-Smith and ServiceTitan’s Jess …

TypeWebinars, TopicsDesign Tokens, Design Systems, Visual Collaboration, Scaling Design

Collaborative IQ: Elevating your design career

Join us to hear from a panel of design leaders …

TypeVirtual events, TopicsLeadership, Collaboration

Collaborative IQ: Using human-centered design to reinvent the workplace

Join Eli Woolery for an engaging conversation with Sandy Fershee …

TypeVirtual events, TopicsLeadership, Collaboration, Strategy & Planning

Collaborative IQ: How storytelling drives confidence, ideation and debate

Join Vincent Brathwaite for an engaging conversation with Ekta Rohra …

TypeVirtual events, TopicsLeadership, Collaboration

What's New with the New InVision

Join Chief Product Officer, Jeff Chow for a look at …

TypeWebinars, TopicsDigital Whiteboarding, Visual Collaboration, Product Training

Collaborative IQ: Maximizing the business value of design

Join Eli Woolery for an engaging conversation with Jose Coronado …

TypeVirtual events, TopicsLeadership, Collaboration

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