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Build better prototypes with Sketch and InVision

in 5 simple steps

1. Design in Sketch

Just like you always do. You can save your design as JPGs, GIFs, or PNGs—or just use your Sketch source files.

2. Add to InVision

Drag and drop your designs into InVision, or simply sync them from Dropbox, Box, or InVision Sync.

3. Create fully functional prototypes

InVision lets you easily add links from one file to the next, so you can create real user flows without a single line of code.

4. Gather feedback and iterate

Send a link or invite stakeholders into your experience, where they can easily add comments right in your designs.

5. Collaborate worldwide. In real time.

With InVision's LiveShare tool, you can present designs to stakeholders, whiteboard with collaborators, and gather feedback via voice chat or comments.

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