Importing from Sketch to InVision Studio

Tutorial Breakdown

For years, InVision has been your platform for prototyping, sharing, and collaborating on your screen projects created with various design tools. As a Sketch user, you’ll be happy to know that InVision Studio happily imports your Sketch files so that you can pick up where you left off without skipping a beat.If importing an entire Sketch file is overkill, it’s possible to selectively copy and paste layers from Sketch into Studio.

In this tutorial, we’ll look at how Sketch import works.
  • Importing
  • Copying and pasting



From the Studio launcher it’s easy to create a new project from scratch, but it’s also insanely easy to open a sketch file and pick up right where you left off and begin animating and prototyping in Studio immediately. And the way we go about that is simply by clicking open Studio or Sketch file from the bottom right hand corner of the launcher, select a Sketch file. You can see here, this is a dot Sketch file, not a studio file, but I can open it anyways. And when I open it up in Studio, it brings over everything, my art boards, text layers, images, and my favorite, at the top of the layers list, all of my symbols have been brought over as components. And it’s just as easy to bring over individual objects if you’re not trying to bring in an entire document.

So here I have the same Sketch file open in Sketch itself, and I can simply select an object or a component, press command C to copy it, and then slide over to a blank Studio file or a Studio file in progress, and press command V to paste. And here it is. That happened to be a symbol. The symbol came over with all of it’s content as a component in Studio, and has been added to my component library. That easy. In fact, it brought over all of the nested symbols that were within it as their own separate components within InVision Studio.

It’s that easy, that powerful, and the tools will be immediately familiar to you.

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