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Version History

Learn all about the latest bug fixes and feature updates.


A few performance improvements here. A couple bug fixes there. A fresh coat of paint. And, voilà!

What's improved?

  • You're not seeing things—we've made some changes to both themes to increase contrast and make the highlights really pop.
  • Details matter, so if you zoom way in you'll notice improvements to the accuracy of rendering the pixel preview.
  • Dragging, resizing, and drawing layers is a little snappier after our latest under-the-hood performance improvements.
  • Checking for and installing updates got a little easier, with a fancy new window to read these release notes to boot.
  • You should notice a more consistent and polished Studio experience (fingers crossed), as we've implemented various user interface (UI) refinements.

What's fixed?

  • When the width of your path stroke is smaller than the last line segment, rounded end caps on the path will now render as expected.
  • Your Push left or Slide up transitions should be nice and obvious again. In release 1.7.0, preset transitions were not animating as expected.
  • When you edit the opacity of a combined shape, Studio will now calculate and apply the opacity of the individual paths correctly.
  • The base color of a text layer will no longer bleed through when you apply a fill color on top. No Band-Aids needed, either.
  • The color picker no longer gets partially cut out of view when you open it from some areas of the Inspector panel.
  • The previous Studio release (1.7.0) included some fixes for keyboard shortcuts; unfortunately, we unintentionally changed some shortcuts in the process. All the shortcuts should be back to normal now.
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Out with the old, in with the new—Tools panel, that is. You'll also see a few other usability tweaks and performance improvements.

New features

  • With clearer descriptions of the tools and the ability to quickly search, preview, and add a component, the new Tools panel makes making in Studio easier than ever.

Improvements & bug fixes

  • You'll notice a performance improvement when selecting layers in the layers panel, loading files with multiple pages, and pasting.
  • Now you can copy components from shared design libraries and paste into a different Studio file, even if it isn't linked to the shared design library.
  • The tutorial file for scrolling now uses the correct viewport in the preview window, so it can—you know—scroll.
  • To provide assurance that you're clicking in the right place, Studio now has hover states for active controls in the top tool bar. Never click the wrong tool again!
  • Now when you hover over a layer's range slider in the Timeline editor, you'll see options to edit the easing curve or expand the animated properties.
  • The Timeline has shed its back button for a more obvious Done button. That just makes more sense!
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Our first release of the new year brings you the ability to add fills to text layers and new device frames for your latest iPad Pro.

New features

  • Text layers now support solid, gradient, and image fills.
  • Now you can choose the new iPad Pro in Studio's artboard presets and device frames.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Prototypes that have a device frame and have been rotated in the Preview window will now publish to the web with the device frame in the correct orientation.
  • Opening or creating a new Studio window got a speed boost thanks to more intelligent font loading.
  • The keyboard shortcuts for arranging a layer (⌘⌥↑, ⌘⌥↓) no longer conflict with the shortcuts for increasing the height or width of a layer (⌘↑, ⌘↓).
  • If you have a three-button mouse, now you can click and hold the middle mouse button to pan around the canvas.
  • Copying large amounts of data from Sketch and pasting into Studio will no longer cause Studio to hang or crash.
  • The list displayed when selecting an artboard from the Interactions area in the inspector panel is now sorted alphanumerically as expected.
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Coming Soon

We’re working on some new features, each designed with you in mind. Here’s a quick peek!

Studio for Windows

Our goal is to enable designers to create amazing products—no matter their OS preference. That’s why we’re carefully building a multi-platform scalable architecture and tech stack to support Studio for both Mac and Windows. We can’t wait to bring Studio for Windows to you soon!

App store & Asset library

Apps and Assets enrich your workflow by supercharging your design experience, adding depth to your screen designs, and connecting Studio to the workflow tools you use every day. Our first batch—nearly 50 Apps and Assets—will be available soon in Studio!

Cloud Files

We’re bringing collaboration across desktop and cloud environments closer together than ever before. With InVision Cloud, every design is synced and available online, making team-wide design collaboration super-easy from start to finish.  

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