The world’s most powerful screen design tool

Vector-drawing tool

Lightning-fast screen design.

Intuitive vector-based drawing capabilities, flexible layers, and an infinite canvas. Turn ideas into powerful design.

Import your existing sketch files

Powerful vector editing
Flexible layer styling
Pixel-perfect layout

Adaptive Layout

Responsive by design.

Quickly and easily design, adjust, and scale your vision to fit any screen or layout.

Relative positioning with containers
Percentage-based geometry
Advanced pinning

Interactive Design

Rapid prototyping.

Create fluid interactions and high-fidelity prototypes faster than ever—and then preview your work directly within Studio.

Point-and-shoot prototyping
Mobile device mirroring
Instant playback

Built-in animation

Advanced motion for more emotion.

Frictionless screen animations get you to the fine-tuning stage faster. Animation isn’t an extra process—it happens directly in Studio as you design.

Smart-swipe transitions
Timeline editing
Auto-layer linking

Shared design libraries

Teamwork with less work.

Shared component libraries are built right in. Stay consistent, connected, and up to date.

Global syncing
Real-time updates
Seamless component swapping

Completely synced workflow

Collaboratively connected.

Instant collaboration for your whole team—connected to the InVision Platform

Inspect for pixel-perfect developer handoffs
Freehand for live design collaboration
Commenting for immediate feedback

In Beta — Studio App Store and Asset Library

Enrich Your Design Workflow.

Supercharge your experience with a whole library of UI kits, icons, and plugins.

Transformative collaboration for all the work you do